Change Patterns No. 1

Change Patterns No. 1

by Evelyn Saylor and Rebecca Lane

for two a cappella voices (2018)

10 mins

Premiere: June 24, 2018, Kunstpunkt, Berlin, Germany, curated by A Trans – Rebecca Lane and Evelyn Saylor, voice

Evening Program

A vocal duo on Stratford Surprise Major, a traditional change ringing (bell ringing) pattern, composed and performed by Evelyn Saylor and Rebecca Lane.

Premiered in a program of music for the finissage of the exhibition Right Or Wrong Corner by Mareike Lee & Tomoyuki Ueno. The program, curated and performed by Evelyn Saylor and Rebecca Lane, also featured vocal music by John Cage, Orlande de Lassus, and traditional American Shape Note songs, as well as a new composition by Marc Sabat for voice and alto flute using Just Intonation.