Synchromy No. 2

Synchromy No. 2

Electronic score for short film (2018)

5′ 15”

Premiere: December 6, 2018, Heroines of Sound Festival, HAU 2, Berlin, Germany

Film by Mary Ellen Bute & Theodore Nemeth (1936)

Commissioned by the Heroines of Sound Festival

Heroines of Sound Festival

Review in Der Tagesspiegel

English translation of Tagesspiegel review

The Heroines of Sound Festival commissioned a new electronic score for the 1936 abstract film “Synchromy No. 2” by Mary Ellen Bute and Theodore Nemeth. The film itself is an abstract visual interpretation of music (“seeing sound”, as Bute and Nemeth put it), and the new music is in turn a sounding reflection of the film’s visuals. The piece is made using only the composer’s voice as material, with cutting and layering being the only forms of electronic processing.