Unearthly Bioacoustics

Unearthly Bioacoustics

by Evelyn Saylor & Rebecca Lane

For voices, flute, organ pipes & quadraphonic live electronics

Premiere: Sat, Dec. 3, 2022, 20:00
Petersburg Art Space (PAS)
Kaiserin Augusta Allee 101
10553 Berlin

Supported by INM Berlin

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Evelyn Saylor and Rebecca Lane use their voices, flute, high organ pipes, live electronic processing and four-channel spatialization to project the hypothetical language of imagined creatures. Inspired by such terrestrial examples as the high-pitched microtonal pings of the Australian bellbirds, the bioluminescence of anglerfish, and the wing-beating frequencies of bees, they seek to depict the sounds, interactions, and communication patterns of imagined sci-fi species. Their musical vocabulary includes combination and difference tones, otoacoustic emissions, and their relationship to ratio-based microtonal tunings.

Graphic design by Moritz Grünke